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An idling reduction policy can:


  • Protect employee health. 

    • Vehicle exhaust can exacerbate asthma and bronchitis.

    • Additionally, chronic exposure to exhaust has been shown to increase the risk of respiratory illnesses, heart attacks, and cancer.

    • For more information on health effects, go here.

If your organization...


Manages a vehicle fleet

Receives deliveries

Runs farm machinery

Wants to save money and be more environmentally responsible idling reduction policy is for you!

  • Save Money

    • Idling is costly. The typical gasoline-fueled engine wastes about $3.50 for every hour it idles. Diesel engines are more expensive, costing about $4 for every hour idling. Also, farm machinery tends to use more fuel, costing about $8 per hour. With a fleet or farm machinery, this can really add up!                                                                                                          *Based on fuel prices of $3.50/gal of gasoline and $4.00/gal of diesel fuel.

    • When a vehicle runs for over 10 seconds it uses more gas than restarting the engine.

    • Gasoline engines don't need to be warm, and modern diesel engines only need 3 minutes of warming.

    • Not only does idling cause two times as much wear on the engine as driving at highway speeds, but also it significantly shortens the engine oil life.


  • Help Air Quality

    • Linn County is continually working to improve the air quality.

    • While within the Environmental Protection Agency standards, particulate matter levels in Linn County are somewhat high.

    • Vehicles emit as much as 47% of the total air pollutants in Linn County. Ozone and air toxics are also emitted in vehicle exhaust.  Idling unnecessarily contributes to air pollution. 

    • By adopting a simple policy you can show that your organization is working to make our community healthier. Additionally, this initiative is an easy way to be even more environmentally responsible.

Be a leader, adopt an idle reduction policy

How Linn County Public Health Can Help

  • Provide an Idle Free Zone kit, including sample policies, letters, fact sheets, metal idle free signs

  • Provide outdoor Idle Free Zone signs for pick-up/drop-off locations

  • Offer free technical support

  • Promote/recognize idle free efforts through press releases, Linn County Air Quality's website and Linn County Public Health's Facebook page.