Idle Free Schools

  Why focus on schools?

  •  Health risks increase when exhaust is concentrated.

  •  Exhaust concentration increases when several idling buses and cars are lined up.

  • Exhaust fumes build up in school buses and around and inside school buildings.

  • Children are more vulnerable to poor air quality. 

    • Children breathe 50% more air per pound than adults. 

    • Children are lower to the ground and closer to exhaust pipes.

    • Children have a higher rate of respiratory conditions

Asthma is the leading cause of school absences     

What can schools do?

  • Adopt an idle free school campus policy that includes school, cargiver, and delivery vehicles. 

  • Post idle free zone signs in drop off/pick up zones

  • Send a letter explaining the benefits of an Idle-Free zone to Parents/Guardians, Transportation staff, and Staff/Faculty

  • Place posters or signs internally around the school to remind visitors, staff, and students about policy

  • Get student groups involved with educating or enforcing policy


Linn County Public Health Can Help By...

  • Providing a free Idle-Free Zone kit, including sample policies, letters, handouts, metal idle free signs

  • Provide free outdoor Idle-Free Zone signs for pick-up/drop-off locations

  • Offer free technical support

  • Assist schools with a pre- and  post-policy idling assessment